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The Node Framework for the Next Generation.

Light is a zero-configuration node server with sane defaults and optimal performance. It ships with all of modern tools by default: hooks-style endpoints, typescript support, and file-system based routing.

No Boilerplate, No Opinions, No Bulls**t.

A better way to send money.

Native Typescript Support
Light is fully built with TypeScript so you can be more confident when deploying your codebase to production.
Support for Express and Koa Middleware
We know that there are a lot of great existing middleware which is why we provide wrappers to use Express and Koa middleware.
Great Development Experience
Light comes with Typescript, Hot Module Reloading, and File Based Routing to make your development experience fast and organized.

Without changing your code,

Use Anywhere

Light can run as a normal server, or transform itself to work in a variety of different serverless environments and frameworks without any code changes.

Bare Metal Server
With the run of `light start`, you can get light running on a bare metal server.
Light can easily fit inside of a Docker container to give you a small portable version of your app.
Light works with Heroku out of the box and can be easily deployed with the run of a command.
Light works well even without a server at all and can be used inside of Next.js api routes.
Light can deploy and run inside of Vercel's serverless platform in a matter of seconds.
Light can be deployed alongside your frontend on Netlify's function platform.
AWS Lambda
Coming soon
Google Cloud Functions
Coming soon
Azure Functions
Coming soon
Cloudflare Workers
Coming soon

A Reliable Framework

We do a lot of things behind the scenes to ensure that Light is bug free.

Type Safe
Code Coverage

Ready to dive in?Check out the docs.